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At least since the Valley Fire, all of us in Lake County are aware of the present and growing risks of fire in our beloved community. The Cobb Area Council has organized the "Four Mountain" area (Cobb, Boggs, Seigler, and Hanna) into six potential groups for communities to access and manage resources for fire prevention and mitigation efforts.

Our "Group 3" runs from Harrington Flat Road in the north, down Bottle Rock Road, to the Little Red School House (Lions Club & Community Center) in the south. This is called the "Bottle Rock Corridor" group, or simply "COBB3."

Keep in mind: Firewise communities are self-organized, which means that communities can define their own boundaries - you can join this community, join another, or form your own! 

We can work together to protect our homes from fire, working together with CAL FIRE, Lake County, and state and federal resources. There is no additional cost to homeowners! 


Firewise Certification allows organized access to local, state, and federal resources to help us manage our forest land to reduce fire risk.

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Our Mission


Firewise is a program organized by a national nonprofit, recognized by governmental and private organizations as the leading community management program for fire risks.

You Can Help Yourself and Your Neighbors with Fire Risk!

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