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COBB3 Firewise BRC map.png

Firewise COBB3

Bottle Rock Corridor
- Bottle Rock Road, from Harrington Flat Rd in north to Spring Hill Rd in south
- Harrington Flat Rd, from Bottle Rock Rd in north to Rockys Rd in South
- Rockys Rd, from Harrington Flat in west to and including Airstrip Rd intersections in east

See Your Property

When we join together, we are more prepared, more safe, and more resilient. Your neighborhood needs you so that we can all be in the best position for the fire next time. Check the map below to see if your property is in the Cobb3 area.


Keep in mind: Firewise communities are self-organized, which means that communities can define their own boundaries - you can join this community, join another, or form your own! 

Join Us!

Our neighborhood is safer when we work together. If you'd like to join our neighbors in helping reduce fire risk, please fill out this form!

Thanks neighbor! We'll be in touch soon!

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What's Next?

As of July 2021, we are officially recognized as an NFPA Firewise Community! Here are the main elements of our current neighborhood action plan:

Our Action Plan basically consists of gradual remediation of the issues pointed out by our forester review. In the near term, we have identified these top priorities:

  • Road signs and address signs should be more prominent. Dead end roads should be signed, the reflect to protect program is encouraged.

  • Work with Cal Fire and South Lake fire on identifying water sources for both ground and helicopter use. 

  • Working with Lake Co. OES and South Lake fire, identify evacuation routes through adjacent landowners (School, Boggs, wineries, Ranches etc.)

  • Develop a community fuel reduction process (chipper day, adopt a senior home)

  • Look at opportunities for shaded fuel breaks and roadside fuel reduction projects.

In the medium term, we are also considering these additional goals, although they are not the current priority in this period's Action Plan:

  • Work towards creating safety zones to shelter the population when evacuation is not possible. 

  • Water supply points should be marked with a blue reflector in the roadway.

  • Develop an multiplayer emergency communications system to warn residents of impending disasters (phone and text trees, nixle sign ups, sirens, emergency radio broadcasts)

  • Adopt the One Less Spark campaign for the highway traffic and homeowner fire

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