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South Lake Fire Safe - Chipping

Here's a message from the South Lake Fire Safe Council:

It is chipping time again. Our schedule has been tentatively changed to be able to work better with our chipper.

  • Tentatively we will chip in March during the week beginning March 22.

  • We will chip in May the 24th -27th.

  • In August we will chip from the 3rd to 6th.

  • October chipping will be from the 25th -28th.

  • Finally, Chipping in December will be from the 13th – 15th.

These dates are tentative and can change due to circumstances including fires and weather.

For March, we are scheduled from March 22nd to March 25th. Please submit your requests by March 12th. Remember to send your Annual Supporting Membership Form along with your check for $30. Also please remember to submit your Right of Entry Form as well as your Chipping Request Form. All of these are available at

It is important to stack your materials along the roadway in a place where the chipping crew can work safely and not affect traffic. Also, please remember that only materials that can be chipped safely should be in your piles. This means branches and other plant material. No Scotch Broom, Poison Oak or Oleanders can be chipped. There should not be other debris in the piles. We need to keep the crews and the equipment safe.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you to reduce hazardous fuels in our community. -- South Lake Fire Safe Council PO Box 1773 Middletown, CA 95461 (707) 809-5016


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